The ‘k’aptivating world of k beauty products

K has gone beyond being just an alphabet – it has become a phenomenon that is taking over the entire world. There is suddenly a rage related to all things Korean – whether it’s the food or the music, whether it’s the television series or the k beauty products. These days, even in India, you will be able to see stores selling Korean products and you will even find stores that sell only Korean items. But then, there is always the doubt whether they are actually good for you or not. 

Shop at Meolaa, where you can be completely sure that every product that you pick, is sustainable and the better choice for you and your loved ones. In case you are looking for k beauty products in India, then you most certainly need to be shopping here, because this is where you will get the most extensive range of options. If you are looking for skin that is as glassy and gorgeous as the Korean women, then this is where you should come and do the shopping for chemical free products

Why you need to have top Korean beauty products in your life

Those who have seen the skin of Korean women, will know how beautiful it tends to be – there is almost a porcelain like quality and it is generally so clear that it has been globally given the label of glass skin. In recent times, there are plenty of videos doing the rounds on social media that teach you home tricks to get that same glassy, glossy skin. However, the modern woman of today, who juggles multiple roles in a single day, might not have that kind of time. 

There are plenty of reasons why korean beauty skincare products are becoming so popular:

  • One of the reasons why K beauty is gaining so much attention is the fact that the products are actually different from what is available in the markets today. 

  • Most products are designed to prevent skin problems, as opposed to hiding them or at the most minimising them. The ingredients are often chosen to tackle and avert the problems at the root level. 

  • The focus of most of these products is to keep problems at bay, and keep your skin healthy from within and we all know that healthy skin will always look great. 

  • Almost all K beauty brands have organic ingredients – as a matter of fact, Korean rules are quite stringent when it comes to what can go into a skincare product and what can’t! So, you can be pretty sure that the products you pick from our collection of K beauty will be skin safe. 

  • And yes, K beauty is designed for almost all types of skin; so, even if you have really sensitive skin, you could consider these products. 

The ingredients in Korean beauty products that make them so special 

When you pick sustainable k beauty products, you will notice certain interesting looking ingredients; unlike the regular skin care products that you see on store shelves these days, you might not see niacinamide or retinol or hyaluronic acid. Rather, you might see ingredients such as:

  • Licorice root extract – It is said that licorice root can reduce the effects of free radicals and prevent skin damage, keeping it looking younger for longer. 

  • Ginseng – Ginseng has been a much-used ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine and is said to reduce the early signs of aging and improve elasticity of skin. 

  • Mugwort – This ingredient is commonly used in products meant for sun protection, because it can protect against the inflammation caused by sun exposure. 

  • Birch sap – It is believed that the usage of birch sap in organic k beauty products is to restore the skin and stimulate cell renewal. 

  • Honey – Honey is recognised as one of the best natural moisturisers for the skin – it can also reduce signs of aging and help lighten scars. 

  • Fermented rice water – Koreans believe that fermented rice water can improve collagen synthesis in the skin and give you a more radiant complexion. 

  • Green tea – Green tea extract can moisturise, brighten and even help repair the skin naturally. 

These are the must-have k beauty products in India

There are so many reasons why you must have Korean skincare products in your home and one of them happens to be the fact that they are incredibly affordable. Most people would think that cheaper would mean inferior quality, but that is definitely not the case here. The Korean skincare sector is highly competitive, which means that the companies are constantly investing in research and development, creation of new products and extremely effective products. And this is done with the sole purpose of not only maintaining their existing client base but also expanding it, which is why the prices are always so good. 

These are the eco friendly k beauty products that we think you should have:

  • Lip masks – If you have dry flaky skin, then you must try out the lip masks, which will not only moisturise your lips, but also intensely nourish and plump your lip skin up. 

  • BB creams – Their BB creams are all the rage and are known to give incredible coverage and almost flawless skin. So, if you want that porcelain skin, you know what product to pick. 

  • Pimple patches – If you have pimples showing, simply put on an acne patch and within hours, that pimple would have disappeared without leaving a mark. 

  • Sheet masks – One of the most popular of Korean beauty products has to be their sheet masks – whether you want something to cleanse your skin or you want more hydration, there is something for everyone! 

  • Creams and lotions – The creams and lotions are extremely rich, hydrating and immensely soothing, which is why you must have them in your vanity too! 


Why is Korean skincare trending?

There are many reasons why Korean skincare has become so popular and their efficacy is only one of them. Korean products tend to use only natural and organic ingredients and most of the top Korean beauty products come from brands that are recognised as being sustainable. 

What makes K beauty skincare special?

The ingredients and formulations of Korean skincare products are incredibly unique and because they are extremely effective, they are truly special. 

What does sustainability mean in cosmetics?

Sustainability in cosmetics and skincare encompasses many factors – from choosing ecofriendly and chemical free ingredients to sticking to cruelty free practices to using biodegradable packing material. 

Why should I use Korean skincare?

Korean skincare is proving to be extremely effective, and that too without the use of any harsh chemicals. Most of the ingredients used in them are natural or organic, making them safe for all skin types. 

Are K beauty skincare products good for Indian skin?

Yes, the ingredients used in Kbeauty skincare products are mostly natural and organic, making them suitable for all skin types including Indian. 

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