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In the recent past, there has been a lot of conversation on leading a more organic life, choosing clean and eco friendly products and leading a more sustainable life. This, without a doubt is a positive move and one that needs to be encouraged and nurtured, but it is often locating products that are clean and green in the true sense of the word, that is the task. There Is always a doubt about the products – are they really what they claim to be, are the ingredients really organic, are there genuinely no chemicals, are these really as clean and green as they claim to be? 

But when you have an authentic marketplace for sustainable products, you have little to worry about – you can be assured that everything you pick from here will be truly the better option. Whether you are looking for food items that are free from chemicals, artificial flavours and preservatives or makeup and skin care products that will not cause any rashes or irritation, you will be able to find them all here. At Meolaa, we have brought under the proverbial ‘one roof’, everything you need in your day to day life – from clothing to home décor, from bath essentials to baby care. If it is in our virtual aisles, you can pick it up without fear, because we assure you that it will be free from harmful chemicals, made with clean ingredients and material, because we are home to some of the most innovative sustainable products. 

How Our Sustainable Marketplace Is Making a Difference

Here’s how we make our efforts, toward a sustainable future, count:

  • Meolaa has built a sustainable products marketplace in India that goes beyond mere e-commerce. We have successfully bridged the gap between ethical brands and conscious customers, helping them exercise their shared commitment towards Mother Nature.

  • With over 750 brands that share our vision, and 50000 sustainable products online, we are making organic lifestyle more accessible. We don’t just deliver products, we deliver an experience of sustainable living.

  • Moreover, Meolaa is a community-driven platform where we actively engage, educate, and advocate for sustainability issues. Through our sustainable marketplace India, we are empowering individuals to make educated choices and go with greener alternatives.

  • We are changing the way people shop and in a way the world. Come be a part of the change and make a difference.

How we decipher sustainable and clean products

Getting an entry into the world of sustainable, clean, eco friendly and organic products is not an easy task - several parameters need to be met and there is strict adherence to quality. There are also certifications and licenses that need to be earned, some of which include:

  • EcoMark - A certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards, this certification is given for environmentally safe products. 

  • Green Product Certification - This certification is proof that from start to finish, the production has minimal environmental impact. 

  • Ecocert - This is a certification provided for certified organic products. 

  • Non GMO Project verified – This means that the product does not have any genetic modification.

  • Fair trade certified – This certification stands assurance for the entire chain of the product – from sourcing of ingredients to manufacture.

  • USDA organic – This means the product has been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified – A very important certification, EWG certified means the product has met the highest standards and is safe for public.

  • Made Safe – This certification means that all the ingredients used to manufacture a product are recognised to be completely safe.

  • Vegan – This means that no animal ingredients or ingredients derived from animal products have been used to create the product.

  • Cruelty free – This means that the products have not been tested on any animals. 

It is important that when you are shopping, you look for all these certifications on the product - reading the label makes a world of difference!

Sustainable Marketplace for All Your Organic Lifestyle Needs

We, at Meolaa, embrace chemical free living! Our online marketplace offers an extensive line of products, we are, quite literally, capable of covering your and your family’s complete well-being.

Here’s how we do it:

Sustainable and Ethical Brands At Meolaa

We are associated with ethical brands that are on the same path to do better for Mother Earth. Each brand has been carefully selected based on its dedication to ethical sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and fair labour practices. With each brand addition, our will and capability to do good grows stronger and we’re able to serve you better.

From small independent artisans to renowned labels, we are working with 750+ brands to represent our ideologies. We take great pride in supporting our local communities and help flourish their craft and kind intentions towards the environment.

When you purchase from us, you are shopping for sustainable eco friendly products as well as directly helping these noble brands and contributing to the sustainable future of India.

Sustainable Fashion trends for Women

We have curated a vast collection of clothing and styling products for women to embrace their style while being environmentally responsible. Meolaa aims to provide women with the confidence to make conscious choices and support a greener, sustainable future.

Let’s explore the categories:

  • Indian Wear: Heighten your traditional wardrobe with our beautiful collection of ethically sourced Kurtas & Suits, Tops & tunics. You will also get breathtaking sarees, dupattas, and scarves.

  • Western Wear: From everyday wear to partywear, our Western collection offers environment-conscious options for every occasion. We have a vast variety of dresses, tops, tees, shorts, skirts, co-ords, etc.

  • Active Wear: Stay comfortable and stylish while working out with our activewear collection, designed for performance and comfort.

  • Bags & Accessories: We have carefully curated collections of bags and accessories, selected for their quality, craftsmanship, and eco-friendly credentials.

  • Footwear: Step out in fashion with our varied footwear options designed with both fashion and sustainability in mind. You can get flats, heels, slip-ons, casual shoes, and flip-flops suitable for every outing.

  • Jewellery: Give the ideal finishing touch to your outfit with our sustainable jewellery collection. Our rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and necklaces all are premium quality and ethically sourced.

  • Lingerie & Sleepwear: Crafted from soft, organic fabrics our range of skin friendly lingerie and sleepwear is an epitome of comfort.

Sustainable Grooming for Men with Eco-friendly Products

Our men’s collection is right up the alley for anyone looking for comfort and style. We have a handpicked collection of sustainable products to reaffirm your environmental fashion choices. Whether you want to rock an ethnic or professional office look or just enjoy your leisure with casual wear, we can tick all of those boxes.

  • Topwear: From formal to traditional, Meolaa provides skin friendly topwear options to assist you in pulling off any look. The topwear line covers shirts, kurtas, T-shirts, jackets, and co-ords.

  • Bottomwear: Our eco-conscious bottomwear collection offers versatile options including trousers, chinos, shorts, boxers, and underwear.

  • Activewear: We have a sweet collection of activewear to support your workout and provide maximum comfort when you break a sweat in the gym.

  • Bags & Accessories: Complete your look with our ethically sourced bags and accessories suitable for every mood and occasion.

  • Footwear: Our footwear collection will stylise your every outing with a variety of sneakers, slides, slip-ons, flip-flops, and formal shoes.

Sustainable Products that your home needs! 

Meolaa can help you convert your home into a sustainable oasis reflecting your resolve to protect the environment. Our sustainable marketplace has products for every mood and vibe. With our home & living products line, you can embrace sustainability in every corner of your home. Shop with Meolaa and let your home make a statement of your values.

  • Bed Linen & Furnishing: Explore our eco-friendly bed linen & furnishing collection and select from a variety of bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, quilts, and dohars.

  • Home Decor: Liven up every corner of your house with our eco friendly home decor assortment. You get everything from lights and furnishing to mirrors, showpieces, and plants.

  • Household Care: Select from a wide variety of organic and chemical free cleaners, handwash, sanitiser, tissues, paper rolls, and detergent. Keep your house clean and fresh with our green household care products.

  • Home Fragrance: Elevate the aura of your house with our collection of chemical-free incense, diffusers, and candles.

  • Pet Care: At Meolaa, you will find all the products for your furry friend with our line of pet products like pet accessories, treats, and chew toys.

  • Kitchen & Tools: Equip your kitchen with planet friendly products including dining & cutlery, bakeware & cookware, cups, mugs, and kitchen accessories.

  • Bath Essentials: Explore our collection of bath essentials ranging from towels to bathroom accessories. Pamper yourself with a luxurious and eco-friendly bathing experience.

Constructing the Future with chemical free Baby Products

Let nature nurture your baby with our chemical free products online. With non-toxic baby care products and clothes made from eco-friendly fabrics, we aim to promote your baby’s health & development from early childhood and beyond. With Meolaa, you can rest assured that you are providing the best nature has to offer while contributing to a sustainable future.

Here’s what we have for your cute little monsters:

  • Kidswear: Dress your little ones in the cutest outfits with our adorable kidswear collection. And be assured, our kidswear is crafted from sustainable materials and is completely toxic-free.

  • Nursery Products: Create a safe and nurturing environment with our range of eco-friendly nursery products. Our eco friendly bedding, furniture, storage & organisers, pillows and gift sets will offer the best of nature.

  • Baby Care Essentials: Meolaa’s selection of baby care essentials will keep your baby clean, happy, and healthy. Our baby essentials include skin care, bibs, wash clothes, utensils, diapers, etc.

  • Toys: You will get the cutest no-waste soft, wooden, and learning toys for kids of all ages. And for the little ones, you’ll get teethers and rattles made with sustainable material.

  • For Moms: To organically support your journey through motherhood we have clothing for moms, nursing accessories, and baby gear products.

An abundance of Chemical free Beauty and Personal Care products 

At Meolaa, we are redefining personal care with sustainable and chemical free products for skincare, haircare, bath, and oral care. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our ethically sourced products and eco-friendly packaging. So, let Meolaa be your companion as you take the path to holistic beauty and well-being.

These are the beauty products in our collections:

  • Makeup: Our handpicked collection of cruelty-free makeup products will completely change your beauty regime and bring out the best in you.

  • Skincare: Meolaa can transform your skincare with our nearly endless assortment of cleansers, moisturisers, masks, sun care, toner, serum, face bleach, and more.

  • Appliances: At Meolaa, you’ll find beauty and hair-styling appliances and tools to enhance your grooming routine.

  • Haircare: Deeply nourish your hair with our haircare products comprising shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, serum, hair cream, brushes, and combs.

  • Female Hygiene: Prioritise your intimate health with a range of eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. Meola offers sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, and tampons made for comfort, safety, and sustainability.

  • Gifts & Combos: Spread the love with our curated gift sets and combos perfect for treating yourself or your loved ones to the gift of sustainable beauty and self-care.

Organic Food for a Healthy Lifestyle

Meolaa offers the joy of healthy and conscious eating with our comprehensive healthy food options. We source organic foods from reliable suppliers who share our dedication to quality and sustainability. Whether you are into a plant-based diet or follow a vegan or gluten-free lifestyle, we can cater to all your ideologies & dietary preferences and ensure that we bring to you only chemical free food products.

Here’s how we can liven up your kitchen:

  • Cooking Essentials: Stock your kitchen with high-grade organic and vegan culinary supplies such as cooking oil, ghee, sugar and honey, dry fruit, nuts, seeds, and groceries.

  • Snack & Sweets: Satisfy your cravings with a wide variety of snacks and sweets. You can munch all you want guilt-free.

  • Beverages: We provide a large selection of drinks, such as kombucha, coffee, and tea. Keep yourself hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

  • Supplements: With our herbal supplements and protein bars, you can organically improve your health and well-being. Meolaa gets its products from reliable sources and our supplements are proven to improve your general health.

  • Ready to Cook: Meolaa provides ready-to-cook chemical free food for busy lifestyles. Choose from an extensive assortment of organic pasta, noodles, spreads, and dips, and savour the convenience of cooking.

What Makes Meolaa the Ideal Sustainable Marketplace?

There are several compelling reasons why Meolaa stands out as a Sustainable marketplace in India. Some of these are:

●   Commitment to Environmental Responsibility: At Meolaa, sustainability is not just a front, it represents our core values. We support ethical brands that are just as dedicated as we are towards building a sustainable future for the next generations. With this, we also support fair labour practices, contributing to the sustainable growth of the economy.

●   Diverse Product Range: Meolaa’s mission is to promote organic living and we have built a sustainable marketplace in India with better products for all spheres of life. From clothing and home decor to personal care and food products our sustainable marketplace has it all under one roof. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find it on our platform.

●   Transparency and Accountability: We believe in complete transparency and provide detailed information about sourcing and brands so you can make informed decisions. Moreover, we take it as our responsibility to promote the essence of sustainable living.

●   Affordable Products: We believe that sustainable living is not a privilege that only a few people can enjoy, it’s a necessity that should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer the most affordable sustainable products without compromising the quality. We partner with ethical suppliers to eliminate middlemen to provide products that align with your values and budget.

●   24/7 Support: Our welcoming team of customer support is always ready to cater to all your queries and grievances. We take feedback from our customers seriously and strive to make continuous improvements to offer the best shopping experience.

●  Educational Resources: Meolaa is more than just a marketplace for sustainable products, we are a guiding torch and an inspiration for sustainable living. We impart our extensive knowledge with engaging content through our blog and social media channels. We offer resources to help people understand the value of organic living and make conscious decisions towards sustainable practices.


  • What is sustainable shopping?

Making conscious decisions while purchasing any items, ensuring there are only clean ingredients being used, the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, the brand itself has a commitment to offering only sustainable solutions – all of this entails sustainable shopping. 

  • Why shop at sustainable marketplaces?

When you shop at a sustainable marketplace like Meolaa, you are making a conscious decision to live clean and healthy. All products are made without chemicals and materials and ingredients that are natural. 

  • Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, the products that we offer, especially skin and hair care products are all cruelty free. You will also be able to find vegan and organic products. 

  • Do you offer preservative free food products?

We ensure that every food product that makes it to our virtual store shelves, are clean and preservative free. As a matter of fact, our food products are also free from artificial colors and flavors. 

  • Why do people want to buy from eco friendly places?

Buying from an eco friendly store gives a certain guarantee that every product on offer will be eco friendly. At Meolaa, you will be able to find a range of sustainable products - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free, clean ingredients and green products is what we bring to you! 

  • Who is buying sustainable products these days?

Anyone who is conscious about their own health and the planet is now choosing to buy sustainable products; conscious shoppers are now choosing to buy more conscientiously. 

  • Are the haircare products paraben and sulfate free?

We ensure that all our products, especially our hair and skin care products are paraben and sulfate-free. We also offer products that are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. 

  • How do I make my home more eco-friendly?

It’s simple - shop at Meolaa, because everything we offer is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

  • How do I ensure that I am buying sustainable products?

You need to shop at sustainable marketplaces like Meolaa, where there is complete assurance that all products are sustainable, clean and eco-friendly. You should also pay attention to the labels on the products - make sure they do not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 

  • How do I choose a green product?

All you need to do is come to Meolaa, where all the products are green, clean and sustainable. 

  • Do you offer biodegradable products?

Yes, we offer several different types of biodegradable products - for instance, our coconut scrubber pad is completely biodegradable. 

  • What are the certifications that I should look for when buying clean products?

There are several certifications and labels that you can check to ensure that what you are purchasing is clean or sustainable. Eco Mark is one, you can look for Green Product Certification as well. You can also look for certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable to ensure that the product you are purchasing is clean and better for you.  

  • Why should I choose cruelty-free products?

When you choose cruelty-free products, you are ensuring that the products have not been tested on animals. 

  • What are the benefits of buying vegan products?

Vegan products are free from chemical ingredients, and artificial additives and are generally considered safer and better. 

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