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At Meolaa, our first and foremost promise is to give you a marketplace, where you can find almost everything that you might need on a day-to-day basis and that everything that you see in our virtual aisles will be free from chemicals and the better choice for you and yours! So, when you come looking for something to take care of your skin, you can be sure that you will find only natural and organic skincare products here. Everything we bring onboard is carefully considered, checked and verified to add to your chemical free living. 

When we talk about the skin, rather than lathering it with several chemicals, we offer a range of sustainable skincare products, which can nourish, hydrate, protect and soothe your skin. From your face to your lips and eyes, whether you are stepping out in the sun or calling it a night, we have something for your every skincare related need. 

Why sustainable skincare products are better for you and the planet

There has been a lot of conversation about sustainable and eco friendly skincare products and there are many who have made the switch, but there are also those who still go by the big names and age-old brands. They feel that something that has been around for a while is always better than something new. What these people might not realise is that many of these products, including the moisturiser you use daily, the lip balm that you apply many times a day, could have chemicals that might show some effects on an immediate basis, but they might do more damage in the long run. 

Here is why you need to make the move to the best sustainable skincare brands right away:

  • Sustainable skincare products often avoid harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and toxic ingredients which could cause problems like skin irritations, allergies and other issues.

  • Natural ingredients tend to be gentler on the skin, which is why they are considered ok even for people with sensitive skin. 

  • Several sustainable brands are now making the shift from animal testing to becoming cruelty free, which allows you to support ethical practices. 

  • Plant based and even vegan ingredients are a benchmark of sustainability – these nutrient rich ingredients are better for your skin and can help at several levels. 

  • Because these natural and organic ingredients reduce the demand for chemicals and synthetic substances, the damaging effects on the ecosystem are reduced. 

  • Several sustainable brands are also looking at reducing plastic waste and prioritising eco-friendly packaging methods, making these the better choice for Mother Earth too!

Switching to organic skincare products is easier than you think

If you thought that it would be tough to make the change from your beloved brands to eco-friendly and organic skincare products, you would be so wrong. Making the change is super easy and here is why:

  • Organic is a certification that does not come easy – there are some serious criteria that need to be met for the same, which means an extremely high-quality final product for you. 

  • No matter your skin concern, there is probably a product in our aisles that is just the perfect solution for the same. 

  • Whether you have sensitive skin or acne is what bothers you most, there is a solution in nature that will work better than chemicals. 

  • Many of the products will have their roots in ancient practices such as ayurveda, making them truly time tested. 

More than essential skincare products – we have it all! 

At our sustainable marketplace, we want to become your one stop shop for all your skin care needs – this means that everything that you might need on a daily basis to take care of your skin and anything that you might need for your weekend skin pampering sessions, you should be able to find here:

  • Cleansers, Toner, Moisturizers – Never miss your daily CTM routine, with our selection of eco-friendly, organic and herbal cleanser, toner and moisturiser options. 

  • Face Oil & Serum – Nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate and replenish your skin with our range of face oils and serums made with ingredients that are recognised for the same. 

  • Sun Care – Protection against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun is a must and with our sun care products, you can enjoy healthy skin. 

  • Face Bleach and Mask – When you want to look brighter or want to pamper your tired skin to a quick healing session, pick from our natural and chemical free face bleaches and masks. 

  • Eye and Lip Care – From removing those dark circles under the eyes to smoother softer lips, we have products for your every skin care need. 

We do have it all – including organic baby skincare products!

And when we say, we have it all, we kid you not – whether you are looking for men skincare products or you want only the best organic baby skincare products for your precious angel, we stock it all. From scrubs to give men more even skin to talc free powders to protect your baby’s gentle skin, you will be able to find several products on our virtual shelves! 



  • What kind of ingredients will I find in sustainable or clean skin care products?

Products that have essential oils, natural ingredients that come from fruits and vegetables, ayurvedic ingredients such as turmeric, sandalwood etc are normally categorized as clean skin care products. Mostly, these are products that are free from harmful chemicals and are considered safe for all skin types. 

  • Do you sell ayurvedic products as well?

We have products that have roots in Ayurveda and some brands that create products based on the tenets of this ancient science. 

  • Why is skin care important?

If you want your skin looking healthy and good, then you need to invest some time in taking care of it. Your skin care routines can be simple, but you need to choose the products with care. We suggest that you look through our extensive collection of eco-friendly skincare products for your skin type. 

  • What is a sustainable beauty brand?

Any brand that makes conscious and informed choices about its products, uses natural and organic ingredients, is free from chemicals and the production is also environmentally friendly, can be considered sustainable. 

  • Is organic skin care better for babies?

If a baby skin care product is certified organic, it is probably safer for babies, because it will not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients that could irritate baby skin. 

  • Why choose plant based skin care?

Plant based skin care products are generally milder on the skin, without being any less potent. They can promote natural hydration and improve your overall skin health, while tackling problems like acne and dry skin. 

  • How do I know if a product is natural or organic?

You can read the label and check the ingredients, see if terms like parabens, sulfate, fragrance etc can be seen or you can simply shop at Meolaa, because this is where you can find the best skincare products in India. 

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