Keep your pearly whites protected with the best sustainable oral care products

They say that a smile is always in style and how right they are – you look so much better when you smile and any day, a smile is better than a frown. But to keep that smile looking great always, you need to make sure that you keep your teeth and gums healthy and for that, you will need the most sustainable oral care products. All of us start our day by brushing our teeth, but how many of us actually pay attention to what kind of toothpaste we are using or even the toothbrush. We just go to the market, pick the one that we have been using for generations, have that buy one get one free offer or is being endorsed by our favourite celebrity. Most of the times, we don’t pay attention to the actual product or the ingredients.  

At Meolaa, we are dedicated to offering you a world of products that are not only good for you, but also better for the planet. We understand that clean and green products are definitely the better choice and by bringing several brands, from all over the country and some from all over the world, we are giving you the chance to make the smarter pick. So, we have curated a wide range of oral care products, which include toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouth washes and more to keep your pearly white protected! 


Do sustainable dental care products really make a difference?

There are always the naysayers, the ones who will say that sustainable dental care products are just a way to make products more expensive and elite. However, the fact is that clean products are always better for you and the planet:

  • This grade of products will contain only natural, organic or herbal ingredients, which is better for your overall health, rather than the chemical-based products. 

  • The formulas of our online sustainable marketplace tend to be gentler, making them a better pick for those who have sensitive teeth or gums. 

  • Several of the ingredients in herbal oral care products are used with a more preventive idea – so, it is the better choice for long term care. 

  • It is also important to remember that most of the brands in the sustainable circle choose better practices in terms of packing material and even their formulation methods. Many will be vegan, cruelty free and most definitely free of all chemicals. 


Teeth problems? Natural oral care products to your rescue!

Did you know that regular toothpastes use artificial flavouring agents to give their toothpaste a certain taste and those flavouring agents contain artificial sweeteners? Were you aware that the toothbrush that you use every day is actually made with materials that are often derived from crude oil and rubber? Perhaps it is time to make the switch to the best sustainable oral care products that you can find so easily at Meolaa. 

  • When you pick from the natural, herbal, organic or clean aisle, you are choosing natural ingredients, which are known to offer better care. So, when you choose to buy toothpaste or tooth bits, you are choosing natural ingredients such as clove, cinnamon and natural salt, which will not only clean effectively, but also offer protection. 

  • A bamboo or wooden toothbrush will give you the clean teeth you want, but because there is no plastic in it, it will not irritate your gums or teeth. 

  • For people with teeth sensitivity, several toothpastes are almost painful to use, however, choosing natural oral care products can help reduce the discomfort as they do not have any ingredients that can cause irritation.  


Healthier teeth and fresher breath with clean oral care products

When you make that all important switch to the better and decide to buy eco-friendly oral care products only, you will eventually start to see the difference. 

  • When you stop using artificial sweeteners in your toothpaste, the chances of decay reduce

  • By reducing chemical based oral care products, you are giving your body a chance to become healthier

  • These products use natural ingredients which give you better care in the longer run 

  • Natural ingredients such as cinnamon and clove are good for dental hygiene

  • There are also products that are specially for kids and will be loved by them, while the ingredients provide care and protection



Are bamboo toothbrushes better?

Yes, as opposed to plastic toothbrushes, bamboo and wooden brushes are definitely better. They are naturally anti-microbial and are completely biodegradable. Many are even compostable! 

How do I dispose of my bamboo toothbrush?

In most cases, you can simply throw the toothbrush into a compost pit or you can even bury it in some soil. Being biodegradable, they will eventually decompose. However, do read any instructions that might be mentioned on the packaging about the same. 

Is organic toothpaste good for your teeth?

If a product states that it is certified organic, it means that it has been made with very strict norms in place and ingredients that have been produced similarly. These normally have natural ingredients and will not have any chemicals or artificial ingredients, making it a generally better choice for you. 

Are these eco friendly oral care products safe for children?

At Meolaa, you will be able to find a range of sustainable oral care products, which are made exclusively for children. 

Are there any products to make teeth whiter?

Meolaa offers you some of the best oral care products, including mouthwashes and dental cleaners that can help your teeth look much better!

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