Classy, cool, comfortable – co ords for women who know fashion! 

When you are building your wardrobe, one that rivals that of even celebrities, there are quite a few types of outfits that you will want to add. While the smart shopper will want to buy multiple separates, which can be used to create several combinations, there are some sets that you will want to buy. For instance, a traditional salwar suit is a must for those festive and special occasions and just like that a fun and funky coord set is also a must have! At Meolaa, you will have access to not only all the essentials for your daily life, including your household items, grocery and body care products, but also the most stylish and most sustainable clothes. 

A large number of people will shop for vegan and organic products when it comes to edibles or skin and hair care, but how many would actually connect clothing and sustainability? Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of shopping at sustainable online marketplaces like Meolaa is that you have access to brands that have made a promise to being eco friendly, clean and green. What you will get to buy in our store is made with pure linen, organic cotton and even hand spun khadi, which are great for you and even better for our planet. This ensures that what you are purchasing is not only better for you, but also better for the planet. So, right from the shampoo that you buy to the women co ord sets that you choose, every item on our virtual shelves is the better option. 


Why do you need women co ord sets in your wardrobe

You have plenty of suits, kurtis, tops, tunics and a collection of bottom wear that allows you to mix and match and create several different looks. So why do you need any co ord sets for women? Here are just some reasons why these are such a good option to add to your wardrobe:

  • Because they are co ordinate sets, there is no coordination needed at your end. The task of mixing and matching and creating the right combination is done for you, which makes it a great choice for times when you are in a hurry. 

  • Today, the coord is truly a fashion forward outfit – there are so many versions that you will be able to find. Whether you are looking for something with shorts or a skirt, some that comes with straight fit trousers or something that you can wear to the gym, there are plenty of options on offer. 

  • As mentioned, because there are so many options available, they are eventually extremely versatile too – you can find something that is great for a casual movie date and you will also find sets that are great for pre-wedding celebrations! 

  • If you are someone who is not too aware of fashion or is constantly in doubt about what goes with what, then the consistency that a co-ord set can provide will be of great assistance. 

  • There is also the immense ease of shopping – when you are picking a coord set, you get everything you need in one shot; no need to go looking for a complimentary bottom or matching top. 

  • And finally, there is the fact that co ords set offer some of the most efficient wardrobe planning, especially for those women who have either an extensive wardrobe or those who prefer a more simple and streamlined approach to fashion. 


The styling of women coord sets made easy

So, you have shopped to your heart's content, but you might need a little help on the ways in which you can style them. Here are some ideas:

  • When you wear your cotton cord sets, especially during the summer months, make sure that your footwear has a similar vibe to it. This means sandals, floaters, slippers are all good ideas, because those will keep your feet feeling cool and comfy too. 

  • Accessories are a great friend to any outfit, which means that you should look for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles and of course watches. Make sure that you wear something that is in tandem with not only the outfit, but also the occasion. 

  • Makeup matters too – depending on what the occasion is and what the weather is outside, you can choose your makeup look. Remember to choose only clean makeup products from Meolaa, which are safer and better for your skin. 

  • How you do up your hair also has a role to play in your final look – updo, down-do, leave your hair open, let your women coord set and the occasion help you make the decision. 


Here is how you shop for better co-ord sets

Now that you know why you need co ords for women in your wardrobe too, you also need to make the better choice as well. While there are several brands that are offering you these clothing options, there are very few which are truly sustainable in nature. When you choose to go with brands that are conscious, there are several benefits that you get to enjoy too:

  • When you choose to buy from the sustainable brands, you can be sure that the fabrics will be eco friendly – at Meolaa, you will be able to find co ord sets that are made using cotton, linen and even khadi. 

  • The colours that you will see in the environmentally friendly clothes will normally be extracted from plants and other natural pigments as opposed to chemical dyes. 

  • The brands that produce sustainable clothing also choose conscious methods of production – they will try to reduce the strain on natural resources. 

When you are looking to pick coord sets for your wardrobe, you need to make sure that you pick wisely and choose conscientiously. Look for brands that are making the conscious effort to produce in a more sustainable manner. 



Where should we wear cord set?

You can find a range of coord set options at Meolaa and you can choose options that work for a variety of occasions. From a normal day out with friends to a more formal sit down dinner, you can wear these anywhere. 

How do you choose eco friendly women coord sets?

It’s easy – come shop at Meolaa, where you can choose from sustainable and eco friendly brands of clothing. 

Is a cotton co ord set a good choice?

If you are choosing organic cotton coord sets from Meolaa, then absolutely! 

What kind of eco friendly fabrics are used to make co ord set for women?

These days, you will be able to find co-ord sets made using cotton, linen, khadi and even bamboo and hemp! 

Can a coord set for women be worn to the office?

Yes, as long as the coord set has a slightly formal air to it, such as shirts and pants or jacket and trousers, they would be considered suitable for office.

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