A treasure trove of sustainable beauty products awaits you at Meolaa

In recent times, the consumer has become a lot more conscious and is looking for products that are better for not only them, but also for the planet. There is a genuine movement towards wanting products that are being created with care and concern – consumers now want products that are free from all chemicals, have been created without any animal testing and are packaged in materials that are compostable or biodegradable. At Meolaa, we bring to you a collection of the most sustainable beauty products, from not just Indian brands, but also across the world. 

Due to our commitment to becoming one of the largest sustainable marketplaces in the country today, we are constantly looking for more products and brands that are striving towards offering you something better. This means, that the products we set forth are made using ingredients that are clean, eco friendly, natural or organic. None of the products we bring to you have been tested on animals, making them all cruelty free. There are even some completely vegan products. But the promise of each of these products is that it will give you good results, while reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.


Why you need to have more sustainable beauty brands in your life

The times we live in, there is already so much exposure to chemicals in all forms – from the air we breathe to the food we eat, that now we want everything clean! We want organic food that is free of chemicals and we want sustainable health and beauty products that will nourish and nurture our skin, body and hair, without the use of any artificial or synthetic ingredients. 

  • When you choose to go down the path of sustainability, you are choosing products that are not only chemical free, but also free of artificial colours, fragrances etc. 

  • These cruelty free products are also better for the environment, because the amount of pollution created during their manufacturing is much less. 

  • The brands that dabble in sustainable personal care products tend to have very transparent policies, allowing you to know very clearly the how and what of production. 

  • Constantly usage of these products will bring an improvement in your body, skin and hair, because you are not subjecting them to any harsh ingredients. 


Ensuring your eco friendly personal care products are authentic 

There are plenty of ways of confirming that your products are actually sustainable and eco friendly and everything else they say they are:

  • Start by looking up the brand – if the brand has established itself and has been recognised as sustainable and ecofriendly, then you can go with it. 

  • The pack will have all the certifications, license and approvals that guarantee that the product is ecofriendly. 

  • You can also read up on the product and the ingredients – as long as the ingredients are natural or organic or clean, then you have nothing to worry about. 

The easiest way to ensure that your eco friendly personal care products are actually eco friendly is to shop at Meolaa! 


Presenting the sustainable health and beauty products for your every need

At Meolaa, we have curated a huge selection of products – everything you will need for your personal care; hair, skin, teeth and more is here. Whether you want something from sustainable chemical free products online to pamper yourself or something that is more daily use, you will be able to find it with us:

Makeup your skin will love

When you want to dress up and look your best, you might need some of the best and most skin friendly makeup products and at Meolaa we have it all. From the finest lip colours to nail shades, from eyeliners to eye shadows; no matter what you are looking for, we bring to you, including the latest from Korean sustainable beauty products

Skincare that will protect, nourish and hydrate

Pamper your skin with the best facewashes to clean the pollution and tiredness of the day away and then hydrate it well with the most nourishing face creams. While you can find good quality vitamin C serums, you will also be able to find potent sun care protection products as well as products to keep your lips protected. 

The hair of your dreams with our haircare range

Your crowning glory needs more than just an oil massage, which is why we have curated a selection of sustainable hair care products, which includes hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair creams and masks, and serums for growth and nourishment. In addition to all these products, you will also be able to find natural combs and brushes and hair safe colours. 

A luxurious bath and shower experience awaits

A bath is more than just washing off the dirt and grime or the tiredness of the day; it is about cleaning your body, without drying it out and leaving it smelling and feeling great. At Meolaa, choose from a range of soaps, shower gels, baths salts and bombs and body scrubs, all of which are skin safe and planet safe too! 

Pamper your body with our range of body care products

Whether you want to keep your skin moisturised with the best of body lotions and body butters, or you are looking for deodorants to keep you smelling fresh all day long. Whether you are looking for massage oils to nourish your body or you want essential oils for your home spa sessions, at Meolaa, we ensure that we take care of all you body care needs. 

Healthy teeth and gums come easy with our oral care range

Your pearly whites deserve to stay white and your gums deserve to get the care they need, which is we present to you a range of natural and clean ingredients based oral care products. Tooth brushes made of bamboo and natural wood, toothpastes and mouthwashes that have the goodness of natural ingredients like clove and cinnamon and more is on offer here. 

Unique appliances to make every day styling easy

Straight hair, curly hair or just hair that is dry when you are in a hurry – at Meolaa, we bring to you a collection of appliances to make the process of getting ready easy. And you will also be able to find tools to massage and stimulate your face with our facial rollers and massagers. 

Feminine hygiene products to make ‘those’ days easier

The days of menstruation are often tough on women, which is why we bring ecofriendly period products which are safe on the skin and will help reduce the carbon footprint as well. Biodegradable sanitary pads, menstrual cups, period panties and intimate washes – so much to choose from. 

For the man of today 

The metrosexual man of today wants the best for himself – skin that is smooth and hydrated, hair that is healthy and well-kept as well as facial hair that is completely in place. At Meolaa, you will be able to find eco friendly beauty products for men too! 

Sexual pleasure will take the front seat with our sexual wellness products

Spice up your intimate life with a range of sexual wellness products – these products are made using clean ingredients, which will not cause any irritation or rashes. 

Smell your best every day with our fragrances

There is something about smelling nice and when you have access to some of the finest perfumes, attars and deodorants, why wouldn’t you! Come to Meolaa to choose from the largest selection of fragrances – floral, citrus, woody, musky; whatever your heart desires, find it here. 



  • What are sustainable makeup products?

A sustainable makeup product would generally refer to products that do not have any synthetic ingredients, chemicals or artificial colours and fragrances. Most of the ingredients being used would be natural. 

  • What is a sustainable beauty brand?

The label of sustainable beauty brand could be given to someone who is making conscious and informed choices about the products it offers. They will use clean, natural and organic ingredients and will not contain any chemicals. Moreover, the production would be an environmentally friendly manner with no animal cruelty. 

  • Are organic hair care products better for hair?

Since organic hair care products will not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients, the chance of allergies, irritation and other problems such as dandruff, breakage etc., is generally lower. This is one of the reasons why these products are considered better. 

  • Do you offer sulfate and paraben free shampoos?

Yes, our shampoos and conditioners are all sulfate and paraben free, making them better for you hair and scalp as well as the planet. 

  • Is loofah better for the environment?

Plastic loofahs are truly harmful to the planet, but when you are using a natural loofah, you can be sure that they are safe, because they are completely biodegradable and some even compostable! 

  • How can I make my skin care routine more sustainable?

You need to make sure that you shop consciously picking clean brands and products that are cruelty free, come in sustainable packaging and are free from all chemical and skin unsafe ingredients. 

  • What comprises sustainable oral care products?

Products that are chemical free, safer for you and the planet, come in ecofriendly packaging would be considered sustainable. So, for instance, an herbal toothbrush or a bamboo toothbrush would be considered a sustainable option. 

  • How can I make my period eco-friendly?

When you choose sustainable period products, such as a menstrual cup or a biodegradable sanitary pad, you are making your period ecofriendly. 

  • Are there cruelty free fragrances?

Yes, the brands that we offer at Meolaa are all cruelty free. 

  • Can organic grooming products for men be used daily?

Most organic skincare products are easy to use on a daily basis, so you can stick to a routine that works for you.

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